You dance Canada

Lisa Robinson
Photo by Bruce Zinger

Andrei Streliaev

Rehearsal Accompianist

An active recitalist and collaborative artist, Andrei Streliaev is a graduate of both the Latvian Academy of Music and the University of Toronto majoring in piano, organ and harpsichord performance. Mr. Streliaev has been on staff at The National Ballet of Canada since 2010, and during this time has performed solo piano in several productions including Other Dances and Nijinsky. Besides his work at the National Ballet, Mr. Streliaev serves as organist at St. Jude's Anglican Church in Oakville, and works as an accompanist for the Tafelmusik Chamber choir and the Faculty of Music at the University of Toronto. He also enjoys working on silent film music and regularly accompanies silent movies both in Canada and in Europe.

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