Tanya Howard and Artists of the Ballet in <em>Emergence</em>. Photo Credits

Fusce luctus arcu viverra elit.

Ballet Boutique


The Ballet Boutique, run entirely by volunteers, has two kiosks at the Four Seasons Centre open before and after all ballet performances and in intermissions, one on the main floor under the stairs and a smaller one in the Richard Bradshaw Aerial Amphitheatre on Ring 3.

Posters are available only at the upstairs kiosk, which has dancer signings during the intermissions. The upstairs boutique also has this season's repertoire CDs and DVDs, a fairly large DVD selection and some books, but for our complete selection of over 60 DVD titles and many ballet CDs, as well as clothing and ballet trinkets, visit the downstairs boutique.

For information, email balletboutique@national.ballet.ca.