Artists of the Ballet in rehearsal Photo Credits

Artists of the Ballet in rehearsal

Attending a Performance

Arriving at the Theatre

The main doors of the Four Seasons Centre will be open 1 hour 15 minutes prior to the start of the ballet. Aim to arrive 45 minutes prior to show time to allow for sufficient time to find assigned seating, review programme notes, visit the washroom, etc.

What if I'm late?

In the interest of all patrons and performers, latecomers, patrons who leave the auditorium during a performance and late returnees at intermission will not be seated until there is a suitable break in the performance.

In the Theatre

The lights will dim to signal the beginning of the ballet. At this point, the audience is expected to sit and watch quietly and attentively throughout the performance. Talking, coughing, humming, unwrapping cellophane-wrapped candies, rummaging and any other noisy disruptive behaviour is highly distracting and disrespectful to the performers and the rest of the audience. We also ask that you be considerate of those in the audience who may have allergies to perfumed fragrances. Please remain in your seats until the programme is entirely ended and the house lights have been turned on.

Cameras and Recording Equipment

Cameras, video cameras and sound-recording devices are not allowed in the theatre at any time, and MUST be checked at the coat room before entering the theatre. Anyone using a camera or any recording device in the theatre may be asked to leave.

Cellular Phones, Alarm Watches and Beepers

Cellular phones, alarm watches and beepers are to be disconnected or preferably checked at the coat room before the performance. Patrons can arrange with the house manager to be contacted for emergencies during a performance.

Showing Your Appreciation

Applauding is an excellent way to show appreciation. Feel free to laugh when something funny happens on stage. If the performance is especially powerful, during curtain call when dancers and conductors take their bows, shouts of "Bravo" (for men) and "Brava" (for women) and/or a standing ovation is an excellent way to show performers the audience is especially impressed.

What to Wear

Ballet is an art form that is enjoyed by audiences of all ages and from various backgrounds. When you come to a ballet performance we encourage you to wear whatever you're comfortable in. Some people enjoy dressing up for a night out at the theatre and others feel more comfortable in a nice pair of jeans. Feel free to make your own clothing choices so that you can best enjoy the performance.


The Four Seasons Centre is a smoke-free environment.