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Greta Hodgkinson and Aleksandar Antonijevic in Emergence. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

New Productions

About New Productions

Invest in innovative new works

Keeping the art form vital through the commissioning of new works is essential to the National Ballet’s continued growth and success. Your support will help bring existing contemporary works into the repertoire and allows renowned Canadian and international choreographers to create new ballets for the National Ballet.

The National Ballet attracts new audiences and international recognition with the addition of new ballets to our distinct, celebrated and varied repertoire. New works also provide the dancers with opportunities to expand their talents with new styles, choreographic visions and roles.

Part of the National Ballet’s vision has also been dedicated to the development of Canadian choreographers and ballets. The National Ballet has actively encouraged Canadian choreographers which has resulted in the development of a unique repertoire of works in a highly distinctive style that represent Canada to its citizens and to the world.

Support new productions and help keep the National Ballet at the forefront of creative arts organizations. Your involvement with a new production allows you to see art in the making, with the satisfaction that your generosity is essential in its realization.

For more information about supporting the National Ballet’s new productions, please contact: 

Kate Halpenny 
Associate Director of Development, Major Gifts
416 345 9686 x378 

Our Donors

Gail Hutchison on the creation of new works

“Dance is a living work of art—live bodies create it, seemingly out of nothing.” – Gail Hutchison

A long-time supporter of the National Ballet, Gail Hutchison says, “being a Patron is a wonderful and rewarding education; I’ve learned so much. The beauty of the human body in motion is so striking. The profoundly human element of dance is what connects us, the audience, to the dancers on stage. We share a common humanity, of course, but the dancers are absolutely amazing to watch.”

For Ms. Hutchison, a visual artist, the most rewarding experiences have been to meet the choreographers of new ballets and see them create for the company. To date Ms. Hutchison has generously provided funding for four new productions: The Man in Black by James Kudelka (2012), Emergence by Crystal Pite (2009), Wolf’s Court by Matjash Mrozewski (2007) and The Comfort of Solitude by Jean-Pierre Perrault (2001).

Ms. Hutchison has also established a fund to support New Creations within The National Ballet of Canada, Endowment Foundation, ensuring that new work will continue to be supported for years to come.

“Being involved with a new production from its inception is such a pleasure and it’s so rewarding. You are able to get real insight into how a new work is created, watching the choreographer and dancers bring all the pieces together. Witnessing the actual creation of a new production, you find yourself right in the middle of it. It’s just thrilling.”