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The National Ballet of Canada is grateful for the support of individuals who believe in the importance and beauty of dance. The generosity of private donors is instrumental to the success of the ballet, and a great way for donors to demonstrate their love of dance and appreciation for the role of the arts in our culture.

Your donation will help directly support, nurture and encourage the continued growth and artistic excellence of the National Ballet.

Special donor appreciation events, exclusive newsletters and opportunities to meet the artists of the ballet are just some of the ways the National Ballet shows donations in action and engages donors in a community of support.

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Patrons' Council 
  Friends' Corps 
A community of generous leaders supporting a Canadian cultural treasure.   Become a member of The National Ballet of Canada’s Friends’ Corps and contribute to the beauty and energy of great dance.
Patron  $2,000-$2,999   Plié   $75-$149  
Major Patron  $3,000-$4,999   Pirouette  $150-$249
Benefactor  $5,000-$9,999   Fouetté  $250-$499
Partner  $10,000-$14,999   Brisé  $500-$849
Artistic Circle  $15,000-$24,999   Arabesque  $850-$1,249
Director's Circle  $25,000+   Grand Jeté  $1,250-$1,999
For a full list of Patrons' Council recognition and acknowledgement, please click here.   For a full list of Friends' Corps recognition and acknowledgement, please click here.