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Greta Hodgkinson in The Seagull. Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann.

Patrons' Council

About Patrons' Council

A community of generous leaders supporting a Canadian cultural treasure.

Patrons share a deep passion for great dance and are committed to supporting a vibrant cultural landscape in Canada. In getting involved with an annual gift of $2,000 or more, donors are recognized through the Patrons' Council of the National Ballet and enjoy a close relationship with the company and its artists.

Patrons' gifts are integral to the continued success of the National Ballet, totalling more than $1.6 million a year in support of the company’s general operations. In appreciation, Patrons are invited to recognition events with the dancers and offered highly personalized service, including the following:

  • highly personalized service for ticketing and event RSVPs
  • opportunities to meet the artists and artistic staff of the ballet
  • the use of the Henry N.R. Jackman Lounge at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts during National Ballet performances
  • priority subscription and performance seating
  • invitations to social and educational events
  • our exclusive newsletter, Preview 

See photos from special Patron and Friends' Corps events.

  • Gallery image 1
    Gallery image 1

    Members at the Backstage Tour at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, November 2007. Photographer: Andrea Rothecker.

  • Patrons Council 2011/12 1
    Patrons Council 2011/12 1

    Second Soloist Chelsey Meiss, James Dunn and Lenore Walters at the Season Opening Party, 2011. Photo by Gary Beechy.

  • Patrons Council 2011/12 2
    Patrons Council 2011/12 2

    Principal Dancer Guillaume Côté and Maxine Goldberg at the Season Opening Party, 2011. Photo by Gary Beechy.

  • Patrons Council 2011/12 3
    Patrons Council 2011/12 3

    Denise Donlon and Vanessa Harwood at the Season Opening Party, 2011. Photo by Gary Beechy.

  • Patrons Council 2011/12 4
    Patrons Council 2011/12 4

    Carole Thimidis, Anderson Silber and Gillian Bartlett with First Soloist Elena Lobsanova at the Season Opening Party, 2011. Photo by Gary Beechy.

  • Gallery image 5
    Gallery image 5

    Donors are invited to the Walter Carsen Centre to watch the dancers rehearse in studio. Above, choreographer Sabrina Matthews leads Jonathan Renna and Sonia Rodriguez in rehearsal for DEXTRIS. Photographer: Sian Richards.

  • Gallery image 6
    Gallery image 6

    Donors are invited to the final dress rehearsal on stage at the Four Seasons Centre. Above, Heather Ogden and Etienne Lavigne with Artists of the Ballet and coaches in rehearsal for Symphony in C. Photographer: Sian Richards.

Our Thanks to you

For a full list of Patrons' Council recognition and acknowledgement, please click here

To join the Patrons’ Council, please contact:

Anthony Stewart, Senior Officer, Patrons' Council 
416 345 9686 x331


With great appreciation, The National Ballet of Canada gratefully invites donors to special events that are designed to enhance an appreciation and knowledge of our talented artists and the movement, power and passion of the art of ballet.

Unique Patrons' Council events include:

  • Season Opening and Closing Parties
  • The Agony and The Ecstasy dancer symposium
  • Pre-Performance Ballet Dinners with guests speakers
  • The annual Buzz Party
  • Dress rehearsals at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts
  • Opportunities to watch the dancers in rehearsal at The Walter Carsen Centre
  • Plus more.

View the schedule of Patrons' Council events for the 2014/15 Season


Our Donors


Doreen Stanton
Patron, Subscriber, Celia Franca Society member

Doreen Stanton’s first experience watching ballet was seeing The Red Shoes, the 1948 dance film that made Moira Shearer famous. But her first experience with The National Ballet of Canada was just a coincidence.

“I worked for Bell and I took the order for the National Ballet’s first telephone,” she explains. “I was in the public office and a man came in asking for a new business telephone line. It was Celia Franca’s husband. I took the information we needed and got the ballet set up.It was the first time I heard of a new ballet company in Toronto.”

At the time, she says, there wasn’t much ballet around Toronto. “I saw the National Ballet advertised and so I went to the Eaton Auditorium a few times and enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“Ballet was a completely new thing for me,” she continues. “And I saw the National Ballet from time to time; it was the beginning of my education in dance. I kept going, on and off, until someone asked me in the late 1970s if I would like to take a subscription. And I did.”

For her, classical ballet is her passion, with Swan Lake,The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker among her favourites. “I’m hooked on the stories, for starters, but also the unbelievable movements. The grace and beauty of the dancers, plus how they get their bodies in some of those shapes, fills me with delight.”

She started donating to the National Ballet just after she started subscribing. “I started small, with donations to the Friends' Corps. But when I retired in 1984 I thought, this is my money and if I can look after it carefully, I can enjoy it!  And so I joined the Patrons’ Council.”

“The National Ballet is so wonderful at making you feel like you belong,” she says. “The dancers are delightful, both on stage and off, as they are eager to talk and seem to enjoy it. Plus I love the camaraderie with the other Patrons.”

Ms. Stanton has also become a member of the Celia Franca Society. “I’ve supported the National Ballet for a long time and I would like the company to benefit long into the future as well.”

“I’ve never stopped being impressed with the dancers and the company,” she adds. “In the new house, in the last few years, even more so. The dancers are just breathtaking and I feel that this city and this country are lucky to have these wonderful performers.”