Tanya Howard

Tanya Howard 14/15 Photo Credits

Tanya Howard. Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.


Tanya Howard was born in Uitenhage, South Africa and trained at The National School of the Arts in South Africa and Canada’s National Ballet School. She joined The National Ballet of Canada in 1998 and was promoted to First Soloist in 2007.  

Ms. Howard’s repertoire includes Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty, Stepsister in Cinderella and Summer Lead in The Four Seasons. Her repertoire also includes feature roles in Swan Lake, Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Don Quixote, The Taming of the Shrew, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Les Sylphides, Opus 19/The Dreamer, Elite Syncopations, Serenade, Jewels, Symphony in C, Monotones II, Voluntaries, Désir, Glass Pieces, Carmen and Pur ti Miro.  

In 2011, Ms. Howard was awarded the William Marrié Award for Dramatic Excellence for her role as the Queen of Hearts in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 

Tanya Howard is sponsored through Dancers First by Nancy Pencer. 


Swan Lake  
“Tanya Howard particularly shines as the Spanish Princess with her sky-high extensions and musicality.” The National Post, 2010 

“Tanya Howard, debuting as the assertive stepsister, reveals a comic mastery one hardly suspected in such an otherwise demurely refined artist.” The Toronto Star, 2010  

Opus 19/The Dreamer 
“Tanya Howard moved with and against Hirano’s masculinity, suggesting warmth and purity.” The Hamilton Spectator, 2010