José Navas

Jose Navas Photo Credits

José Navas. Photo by Valerie Simmons.


Born in Venezuela in 1965, José Navas has created nearly 40 works as an independent choreographer and as the artistic director of Compagnie Flak. 

Mr. Navas began his career in Caracas and continued it in New York City at the Merce Cunningham Studio. In 1995, Mr. Navas founded Compagnie Flak in Montreal, resulting in more than 500 performances in 25 countries over 18 years. His creations such as Portable Dances, Anatomies, S and Diptych reflect his architectural sense of composition while the solos in Miniatures and Personæ arouse feelings of a more visceral nature. His most recent solo work, The Rite of Spring, was presented in 2013 with the Brussels Philharmonic in Belgium. Sterile Fields, One Night Only 3/3, Solo with Celloand Adela, mi amor represent landmarks on his choreographic journey. He also collaborated with the NFB on ORA, an experimental short film shot in 3D with thermographic cameras, which premiered in 2011 at the TIFF. In 2010, Mr. Navas was appointed Resident Choreographer of Ballet BC where he created the critically acclaimed works the bliss that from their limbs all movement takes, followed by Bliss in 2012, a companion full-length work for the company, and in 2013 an iconoclastic version of Giselle.