To lift your spirits in this time of social distancing, here are some beautiful ballet moments.

Angels’ Atlas

Ballet Moments: Angels’ Atlas

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The Ephemerality of Existence
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Romeo and Juliet 

Ballet Moments: Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet: A History
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The Creation of a New Classic


Frame by Frame

Ballet Moments: Frame by Frame

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The Winter's Tale

Ballet Moments: The Winter's Tale


Jurgita Dronina

Meet a Dancer: Jurgita Dronina

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Ballet Moments: Giselle

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Giselle: The Ballerina's Hamlet


Harrison James

Meet a Dancer: Harrison James

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Dancing in Isolation

Dancing in Isolation

Corps de Ballet member Nicholas Rose improvised this piece to one of his favourite works for the cello and reached out to fellow dancers to add their interpretation of the music. 

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Ballet Moments: Cinderella

The Four Seasons

Ballet Moments: The Four Seasons – Spring

The Man in Black

Ballet Moments: The Man in Black