The Nutcracker by the Numbers

Number of performances of James Kudelka’s The Nutcracker since its premiere on December 21, 1995: 592

Number of people who have attended The Nutcracker since its premiere: 1,246,844

Number of children and their families who have attended The Nutcracker for free through Share the Magic: 46,546

Cost to build The Nutcracker in 1995: $2.7 million

Box office revenue from The Nutcracker since 1995: $61.6 million

Number of dancers who have performed the role of Peter/The Nutcracker, originally created by Rex Harrington in 1995: 27

Number of ballerinas who have performed the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy, originally created by Martine Lamy in 1995: 21

Number of performers in each performance: 233 (50 Dancers, 98 Students, 65 Musicians, 20 Singers)

Number of stage crew backstage of each performance: 63

Number of students from Canada’s National Ballet School and public schools in Toronto who perform in each show: 98

Number of Junior Associates of Canada’s National Ballet School who perform as lambs and baby mice in each show: 15

Number of animals in The Nutcracker57 (1 Rat, 1 Horse, 2 Bears, 1 Ram, 1 Rooster, 1 Mouse Tsar, 8 Cossack Mice, 6 Baby Mice, 8 Dog Soldiers, 10 Cat Soldiers, 6 Unicorns, 1 Fox, 1 Sheep, 9 Lambs and 1 Bee)

Number of costumes in each performance: 187

Number of people involved in the creation of The Sugar Plum Fairy costume: 12 (1 Designer, 1 Costume Supervisor, 1 Fabric Buyer, 1 Fabric Dyer, 1 Costume Cutter, 2 Stitchers, 1 Costume Decorator, 1 Tiara Maker, 1 Jewelry Maker, 1 Pointe Shoe Maker, 1 Footwear Coordinator)

Number of layers of tulle in The Sugar Plum Fairy’s tutu: 19

Time to put on the makeup and wig for the dancer who performs the role of Uncle Nikolai: 1 hour

Number of kilograms Uncle Nikolai’s Act I coat weighs: 4.3

Number of pairs of pointe shoes used for The Nutcracker since 1995: 8,485

Number of pointe shoes used in every performance of The Nutcracker43 (1 Bear, 6 Unicorns, 1 Sugar Plum Fairy, 1 Snow Queen, 1 Sheep, 1 Bee, 18 Snow Maidens, 4 Spanish Chocolate, 2 Arabian Coffee, 8 Flowers)

Cost of pointe shoes used in every performance of The Nutcracker$3,870

Number of loads of laundry done following each performance: 9

Number of kilograms of paper released in the snow scene in each performance: 4.5

Number of celebrity Cannon Dolls who have fired the cannon to begin the battle scene including Mats Sundin, Margaret Atwood, Kurt Browning, Doug Gilmour, Rick Mercer and many more: 1,184

Number of books based on The Nutcracker choreographed by James Kudelka: 1

Number of performances cancelled due to snow: 0

Number of roles Tiffany Mosher has danced in The Nutcracker11 (Baba, Spanish Chocolate, Snow Maiden, Female Bear, Sheep, Arabian Coffee, Bee, Flower, Party Guest, Servant and Courtier)





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