Look Who’s Keeping the Company Company
April 22, 2020

Hannah Fischer. Photo by Karolina Kuras.
While practicing social distancing and self-isolation at home, some of the company’s dancers and orchestra members are spending quality time with their furry friends. Find out who is keeping the company company. 

Principal Dancer Skylar Campbell and Corps de Ballet member Jaclyn Oakley have been spending their days with their Australian Shepard, Cora, who never shies from a family selfie. 

Principal Dancer Jurgita Dronina splits each day between daily barre class in her basement, and quality time with her family dog Casper and son Damian.

Music Director and Principal Conductor David Briskin is spending lots of time with his furry pal Cookie and, as the name suggests, Cookie is happy to be spending more time with David as it means more treats!

Principal Dancer Brendan Saye and First Soloist Donald Thom are sharing their space with dogs Molly and Bruce, who will pose for any photo... if treats are involved.  

Corps de Ballet member Genevieve Penn Nabity and her dog Coda are inseparable. From morning stretches to evenings by the fire, Coda always makes sure he is by Genevieve’s side. 

Principal Character Artist Stephanie Hutchison always makes sure she gets a daily hug from her cat Musi. 

First Soloist Jack Bertinshaw and Corps de Ballet member Clare Peterson enjoy spending quality time with their dog Winston and cat Mila (who keeps her distance but is still the best company). 

Corps de Ballet member Meghan Pugh and Hailey always make time for fresh air each day. Hailey loves keeping Meghan company and never fails to make her smile. 

Violinist Sonia Klimasko-Leheniuk spends her days with two beautiful Bengal cats, two-month-old Winston and 14-month-old Teddy (who goes by Theodore when he’s been naughty). You can follow their adventures on Instagram at @TeddyAndWinstonTheBengalBoys

Corps de Ballet member Noah Parets loves having his family’s newly adopted pup Bella around. Not only is she cute but she loves to play and snuggle. 

Violinist Jayne Maddison spends lots of time with her beautiful dog Ulla. Ulla is a “career change” Lions Foundation of Canada guide dog. Though she didn’t pass her test to be a fully trained service dog, she’s a wonderful pet. 

Corps de Ballet member Isaac Wright’s cat Charlie keeps him company during these days of social distancing. Though he may not show it, Charlie is a very happy cat! 

Principal Cello Maurizio Baccante and his pup Pepe love spending time in the great outdoors together. 


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