Why We Need Your Support

Why We Need Your Support

Invest in Creativity and Commitment

The artists of The National Ballet of Canada inspire us with the best of ballet and our community of support makes it all possible. Over 40% of the National Ballet’s revenue comes from our generous donors: 36% from fundraising and 6% from the disbursement from the Endowment Foundation. 

Engage More Deeply, Join our Community of Support

Your Impact as a Partner in Ballet

Each donation is vital to support our top priorities to:

Inspire through Excellence
To perform classical and contemporary ballet at the highest level to enterain, delight and move audiences
We held 90 performances for 162,433 audience members in 2018/19

Care About our Community
To make dance more accessible and to promote imagination, movement and creative expressions to our community

We reached 96,554 people through 2,994 outreach events in 2018/19

Nuture our Best
To attract, nuture and retain the most talented dancers and orchestra members
180 artists made their home at the National Ballet, including 74 dancers and 62 musicians, in 2018/19

Develop New Works
To create thrilling new works that engage audiences, offer fresh visions of dance and push the boundaries of the art form
Anna Karenina, a ballet by John Neumeier
, had its North American premiere in 2018/19

Represent Canada
To showcase our talent and creativity on the world stage through international tours and livestreaming

We toured to Hamburg, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London and Ottawa in 2018/19

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