An Incredible Year

An Incredible Year

From Paris to promotions, it's been an incredible year for The National Ballet of Canada. 

Here are 5 areas in which the National Ballet has had a great impact, sharing the joy and power of dance with audiences at home, on tour and in our community during the 2017/18 season.

Inspiring Performances

The National Ballet gave 97 performances for 143,387 people. What can’t be quantified, however, is the beauty, pleasure and wonder that productions like The Winter’s Tale, The Four Seasons and Emergence offered. The dancers shined in the classical works of The Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, and excelled equally in the modern choreography of Nijinsky and Cacti.


New Productions

Robert Lepage and Guillaume Côté unveiled Frame by Frame, a multi-media homage to pioneering filmmaker and animator Norman McLaren. They brought together film, music, dance and theatre in a stunning spectacle of innovation. Robert Binet unveiled a re-worked version of The Dreamers Ever Leave You for the Four Seasons Centre stage, maintaining the luminescent and transcendent quality of the dance. Karen Kain introduced the first work of Justin Peck to the repertoire – Paz de la Jolla – a shimmering and playful celebration of first love.


The World Stage

The 2017/18 season began in Paris with Nijinsky at the historic Theatre des Champs Elysees. France's l'Association Professionnelle de la Critique de Théâtre, de Musique et de Danse recently announced that The National Ballet of Canada was named Best Company of the Year. The immersive version of The Dreamers Ever Leave You was presented in London. The National Ballet presented Nijinsky in Ottawa and San Francisco. In total, the National Ballet performed for 28,038 people while on tour.


Community Engagement

Through our education and engagement programs, the National Ballet reached out to 64,000 children and students in our community. Our programs, including YOU dance, Dance About and Share the Magic, inspire imagination, movement, collaboration and a love for the arts, all while making sure that ballet, dance and the arts in general are accessible and meaningful.



The National Ballet’s donor community is made up of 4,594 generous and caring people who believe in the importance of dance and culture. The passion and dedication of these committed members are vital. We engaged our members through updates and events in order to enhance their experience of dance and to demonstrate our gratitude for their support.



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Jurgita Dronina and Harrison James with Artists of the Ballet in The Sleeping Beauty. Harrison James and Heather Ogden in Frame by Frame. Francesco Gabriele Frola and Svetlana Lunkina in Nijinsky. Apprentices at a YOU dance performance. Turnout members at a working rehearsal. Photos by Aleksandar Antonijevic, Karolina Kuras, Jessica Pellow and Bruce Zinger.