70 for 70

The 70 for 70 Legacy Campaign

In celebration of the 70th Anniversary of The National Ballet of Canada

The 70 for 70 Legacy Campaign will build on Celia Franca’s legacy and vision – to create one of the world’s most prestigious ballet companies in the world in Toronto.

In 1951, three women, Sydney Mulqueen, Pearl Whitehead, and Aileen Woods had a vision to create Canada’s very own ballet company. Together, they galvanized a community of like-minded individuals and raised funds to bring Celia Franca from England to Toronto. With this act, The National Ballet of Canada was founded and solidified its place in Canadian history with its inaugural performance at The Eaton Auditorium on November 12, 1951. Now, 70 years later, the National Ballet is considered one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the world.

One of the greatest measures of a life well-lived is the world we leave to others. Just as Celia, Sydney, Pearl, and Aileen’s contributions were vital in creating The National Ballet of Canada, your legacy gift to the National Ballet will be an extraordinary statement of your generosity, your passion and your belief in all that we do on and off the stage.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the National Ballet, the Celia Franca Society Ambassador Committee is striving to secure 70 new legacy gifts by June 30, 2022.

How can you participate in this extraordinary legacy campaign?

  • Inform us if you have already included the National Ballet in your estate plans
  • Include the National Ballet in your estate plans, by leaving a gift in your Will
  • Consider making the National Ballet a beneficiary of your RSP, RIF or Life Insurance

Your legacy is important. By including the National Ballet as part of your estate plans, you will be remembered and celebrated as a passionate supporter of Canada’s leading ballet company. This is your opportunity to leave your mark on The National Ballet of Canada.

Join the 70 for 70 Legacy Challenge Campaign today and help ensure the success of our company now and into the future.!

For more information, please contact Richard Lefebvre, Associate Director, Individual and Legacy Giving at 416 345 9686 x324 or email rlefebvre@national.ballet.ca.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Donor Stories

Pat Campbell

Pat Campbell

My love for ballet began when I was a little girl. I loved dressing up in my pink tutu, performing pirouettes for my parents. As a teen, I became a serious and determined dance student. Sadly, I realized I didn’t meet the physical requirements for a career in ballet, but I’ve never lost my love for the art form. This company has been part of my life for over 50 years – I could never imagine our city without the National Ballet in it and that is why I’ve been a life-long supporter.