Exceptional Dedication and Artistry

The dancers are at the very heart of what makes The National Ballet of Canada so extraordinary. They move audiences with their passionate performances, breathtaking physicality and exceptional artistry. Their creativity, talent and energy bring great ballets and complex characters to life on stage. Our dancers bring unique strengths and perspectives to their work, and together they form an incredible collective of talent that enchants and inspires audiences at home and abroad.

"I love the human form, particularly the dancers' exquisite precision and flexibility of movement. I find their ability to express the nuances of the music's structure and emotions completely captivating." Astrid Stec, Volunteer Committee and Celia Franca Society Member

To attract and nurture the best ballet talent in Canada and the world, the National Ballet is committed to providing dancers with the best possible artistic and professional opportunities. These include engaging works to perform, opportunities to tour, competitive compensation and an environment that supports mentorship, camaraderie and continuity. In addition, the National Ballet has created one of the world’s most comprehensive wellness programmes with a focus to maintain and promote physical and mental health to support these artists to achieve their best.

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“As a child, I loved the joy and spontaneity that I felt when dancing and playing characters. Dancing gives me those feelings still. I think many dancers will tell you there are these incredible moments when you feel as though all your human boundaries disappear.” - Emma Hawes, First Soloist

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Top image credit: Tanya Howard in rehearsal. Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim.