Inspiring Our Best

Strategic Priority: To attract, nurture and retain the most talented dancers 

In order to fulfill our role at the absolute cutting edge of the art form, the National Ballet requires a company of dancers who are not only performing at the highest technical levels, but who have the artistic range to engage audiences through movement and emotion. To attract and nurture the best ballet talent in Canada and the world, the National Ballet is committed to sustaining and enhancing the best possible artistic and professional opportunities. These include engaging works to perform, opportunities to tour, competitive compensation, a comprehensive wellness programme and an environment that supports mentorship, camaraderie and continuity.

"Dance is an integral part of the lives of Canadians who celebrate its power to inspire all of us with a unique combination of movement and music to express the human spirit." Karen Kain, Artistic Director

Soaring Achievements to Date
With generous donor support, the National Ballet has:

  • Attracted leading international dancers to the company, such as Principal Dancers Svetlana Lunkina, Evan McKie and Jurgita Dronina
  • Nurtured and promoted talent from within all ranks of the company
  • Invested in the RBC Apprentice Programme to create an unprecedented depth of talent in the roster
  • Established the Health and Wellness Programme for injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to ensure dancers perform at their peak abilities

With gifts to the Soaring Campaign, the National Ballet will be able to:

  • Attract, nurture and retain dancers at all levels of the company
  • Recruit the best teachers and coaches to inspire the dancers
  • Expand the Health and Wellness Programme with more resources and new cutting-edge therapies