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Inspired to Give

The National Ballet of Canada's donors and volunteers play a vital role in inspiring excellence. Each has a story of connection to the company or art form, and a personal motivation to support talent and creativity.

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Donor Flora Do

Flora Do

"I would love to see the National Ballet use its global influence to forge a healthy and diverse dancer base, and to reach audiences of the future in dynamic and engaging ways. We have so many new ways to share the arts that didn't exist in previous generations. It's critical that we use them to nurture the next generation, to inspire and include them with meaningful dance."


Donors John and Susan Rose

John & Susan Rose

"Ballet and music have always been important to our family and they bring us such joy that we feel it's our responsibility to offer support and make these experiences available to others. We feel this is our family's legacy."



Donors Charles and Anne Morison

Charles & Anne Morison

"Watching the collaboration between dancers and musicians take place in the moment of performance is inspiring and invests our experience of ballet with a sense of energy, freshness and excitement. We are so proud of The National Ballet of Canada and its Orchestra, and we are committed to their success. We hope that anyone who enjoys the arts, as we do, will help to support our artistic community and ensure that it thrives."


Donors Sarah McEvoy and Cornell Wright

Sarah McEvoy & Cornell Wright

"Both of us love the breathtaking beauty, artistry, music, energy, adventure and precision of ballet. The athleticism of the dancers is incredible, matched by their powerful ability to express deep and compelling emotion. We applaud The National Ballet of Canada for identifying potential, taking risks and giving young dancers from all backgrounds opportunities to shine."


Donor Margaret McCain

Margaret McCain, C.C.

"Ballet is my favourite art form. Dancers engage their whole body and soul to express the spirit and emotion of the work. The National Ballet of Canada is one of the world’s best. To Karen Kain and the whole company I want to convey my gratitude and praise for giving us this exceptional gift. We need to give them the assurance that we will ensure their future success."


Donor Victoria Jackman

Victoria Jackman

Hal Jackman Foundation

“The Hal Jackman Foundation has a mandate to foster artistic innovation and excellence, and it has been our pleasure to support The National Ballet of Canada for more than 25 years. This has been a particularly exciting time for the company as they unveil ground-breaking work by a new generation of visionary choreographers and partake in bold collaborations across disciplines. One of the joys of being a donor is that you become a partner in this creative process, and help ensure that the Ballet continues to flourish and inspire the widest possible audience.”


Donors Roger and Kevin Garland

Kevin and Roger Garland

"We support The National Ballet of Canada because of its unwavering commitment to the highest artistic standards, its willingness to take risks with young creators and innovative new work, and the great pleasure we derive watching the steady growth and evolution of its artistry and its dancers."


Donor Gretchen Ross

Gretchen Ross

"My lifelong enjoyment of ballet has been greatly enhanced by meeting the dedicated artists, dancers, orchestra members and production craftspeople at The National Ballet of Canada. They care deeply about their work and I am fascinated to see the creative process in all aspects of the company. It’s so important to support this talent and creativity, to encourage our artists and to be an advocate for ballet. I’m not afraid to speak up and do what it takes to get things done because I want the company to reach its full potential as a world leader in dance."


Donors Don Johnson and Anna McCowan Johnson

Anna McCowan Johnson and Donald K. Johnson, O.C.

"Over the years, we’ve been thrilled to see The National Ballet of Canada flourish into a company of international renown and significance. Our joy in supporting The National Ballet of Canada is seeing how lives are touched by the art form, whether it is introducing children and students to ballet through educational programming, or inspiring audiences with the best dancers in the most exciting and exceptional productions."


Donor Emmanuelle Gattuso

Emmanuelle Gattuso

"The more I learn about dance and see how a ballet comes together, the more inspired I am. It means a lot to me to encourage the extraordinary creativity and vision that exist in The National Ballet of Canada right now, when we have such a remarkable opportunity to impact artistic growth. This is a company with the leadership, talent and reputation required to take creative risks. And if you don’t risk, you never get anywhere."


Donors Jerry and Joan Lozinski

Joan and Jerry Lozinski

"The National Ballet of Canada and its artists have given us so much pleasure over the years that we have a great desire to give back. It is so rewarding to get involved with the company, to learn more about all the dancers and to feel that we can contribute to the company’s success. We believe deeply in the mission of the National Ballet and its leadership under Karen Kain. We know that our gifts are supporting the company’s priorities and the creativity that is extremely inspiring to us."


Donor Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan

President, The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation

“At The Catherine and Maxwell Meighen Foundation, we believe that arts are vital to a vibrant culture and quality of life. It gives us great satisfaction to see the new productions we’ve supported come together so beautifully on stage, and how enthusiastically they are embraced by audiences. We are extremely proud to partner with such an extraordinary organization that inspires Canadians and helps put Canada on the world stage.”


Donors Frances and Tim Price

Tim and Frances Price

"Combined with their artistry, the dancers’ physicality is breathtaking. We recognize that an essential element of the National Ballet’s success is to ensure that the dancers are supported throughout their careers. With our gift, we are particularly excited to help the National Ballet achieve excellence in the critical area of Dancer Health and Wellness, supporting cutting edge dance medicine and holistic care to ensure these artists are performing at their best."