Building a Foundation on which to Grow

Strategic Priority: To ensure generations to come can continue to experience the transformative power and beauty of ballet

Through numerous investments in dance today, the Soaring Campaign will allow National Ballet to realize its full potential to move, teach and inspire for generations to come. A strong endowment gives confidence to the National Ballet’s leadership to plan and pursue ambitious artistic goals in upcoming years, a secure financial foundation that will also sustain this period of creative growth and momentum well into the future. Ballet lovers today will be assured that the Endowment Foundation will provide a lasting legacy for future artists and audiences to enjoy the enduring power of dance to inspire.


Soaring Achievements to Date
With generous donor support, the National Ballet has:

  • Received funds to nurture talented artists, produce innovative new works and share an exciting repertoire with audiences nationally and internationally
  • Grown the investments within the Endowment to $63.3 million by June 30, 2016 through the generosity of donors, matching funds from the federal government and wise investment leadership from the Board of Directors
  • Increased the grant from the Endowment Foundation to the National Ballet to a record $1.93 million

Impact by 2020
With gifts to the Soaring Campaign, the National Ballet will be able to:  

  • Soar to new heights and create a powerful legacy for dance in Canada
  • Grow the Endowment Foundation to $75 million in investments in order to ensure the long-term financial stability of the National Ballet 
  • Increase the grant from the Endowment Foundation to at least $3 million annually