Building Ballets

Productions from the Build-A-Ballet Fund

Since 1974, most of the monies raised by The Volunteer Committee have been directed to the Build-A-BalletTM Fund. The purpose of the Fund is to support new repertoire for The National Ballet of Canada.

To date, The Volunteer Committee has helped to fund the following productions:

1977   La Fille mal gardée
1978   Travelling Set for La Fille mal gardée
1979   Two Pigeons
1980   Etudes
1981   Napoli
1982   Don Quixote
1983   Sphinx
1984   Oiseaux Exotiques, The Four Temperaments, Symphony in C
1986   The Merry Widow
1987   La Ronde
1988   Tagore
1989   Gloria, Pastorale
1990   The Leaves Are Fading, the second detail
1991   The Rite of Spring, Concerto for Flute and Harp
1992   Divertimento no. 15, Now and Then
1993   Oracle
1994   Cinderella, Soldiers' Mass, The Concert
1995   Company B, Symphonic Variations
1996   The Four Seasons, Abdallah: Tales of the Arabian Nights
1997   Mozartiana, Episodes, Theme & Variations, the weight of absence
1998   La Baiser de la fée, Apollo, Septet
1999   Jewels
2000   Madame Butterfly
2001   A Delicate Battle
2002   Jewels - costumes and draperies
2003   Monument
2004   Cinderella
2007   A Footstep of Air
2008   24 Preludes by Chopin
2009   In Colour, DEXTRIS
2010   Pur ti Miro
2013   Nijinsky
2015   Being and Nothingness
2017   Pinocchio
2018   The Dreamers Ever Leave You
2019   Paz de la Jolla, Anna Karenina
2020   Angels' Atlas
2021   Swan Lake