Student Matinees

Student Matinees

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For only $15 a ticket your students can experience the splendour of the ballet! We will help you incorporate ballet into the curriculum with a study guide for the ballet upon your purchase.

Tickets on sale Monday, September 10, 2018.

Schedule of performances:

Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina

Tolstoy's great prose masterwork towers over the western literary canon as one of the most fully imagined and riveting works of fiction ever written. It is no wonder that John Neumeier, one of the most frequent and fearless adapters of literary works into modern choreographic form, should have eventually taken on the challenge of the great Russian novel.

Using the book more as an inspiration than as a strict narrative template, Neumeier chooses to adapt the work freely. He sets the story, for instance, in the present day, rather than the 19th century, and structures his ballet in two acts with numerous scene changes, condensing the material and focusing on its key themes, which he allows to merge through an intuitive and poetic rather than a literal process.

Music by Tchaikovsky provides a link with the Tolstoyan world of the novel, but Neumeier also incorporates modern work by Alfred Schnittke and Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam to further underscore the central characters' conflicts and emotional lives. The work of a great literary artist meeting the imagination of a great interpretive choreographer, Anna Karenina is an unforgettable ballet experience.

Thursday November 15, 2018
Recommended grades:  9 to 12 

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The Dream and Being and Nothingness

The Dream

Frederick Ashton's The Dream, based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, is one of the most universally admired and artistically satisfying of all ballet adaptations of the playwright's work. Using Felix Mendelssohn's beloved music, arranged by John Lanchbery, Ashton's version of the play is a miracle of dramatic concision, giving us the familiar characters of Titania and Oberon, the four confused lovers, Puck and the rude mechanicals in a taut but lyrical one-act re-imagining of the story set in Victorian times. Ashton's vibrant, moonlit choreography is seamlessly integrated with every magical shift in the narrative's mood.

National Ballet Principal Dancer Guillaume Côté has always brought to the many roles he has performed an unstinting spirit of passionate exploration and emotional honesty. As a Choreographic Associate with the company, those same principles apply. In Being and Nothingnessfrom 2015, he finds in his source material, Jean-Paul Sartre's landmark philosophical work of the same name, questions of freedom, the nature of selfhood and the meaning of existence and illuminates those abstract ideas in his highly expressive, richly physical choreographic style.

Thursday November 22, 2018
Recommended grades:  9 to 12

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Paquita, Apollo and The Sea Above, The Sky Below


George Balanchine’s Apollo is one of the signal moments in both the choreographer’s oeuvre and in the legacy of cultural modernism. The famous collaboration between Balanchine and Igor Stravinsky produced some of ballet’s most legendary works, and perhaps none was as groundbreaking nor realized their aims of a neo-classical art form, as this 1928 ballet. The work almost singlehandedly established a new aesthetic that brought the language of classical ballet into a modern context, merging the past with the future in a way that would alter our conception of ballet forever.

An unabashed celebration of ballet’s virtuosic possibilities, Paquita revels in the dazzling panache, colour and period exoticism of 19th-century classicism. Originally created in 1846, but today performed in Marius Petipa’s version from 1881, the ballet—ostensibly a perfunctory story of a young gypsy girl who is really of royal birth—is less about narrative concerns than it is a breathtaking example of technique raised to the level of spectacle.

The National Ballet of Canada’s Choreographic Associate Robert Binet has shown himself to be one of Canada’s most inventive and thoughtful dancemakers, an artist of wonderfully original physical imagination and thematic boldness. The Sea Above, The Sky Below is a captivatingly intricate pas de trois that delighted audiences when it was performed the MAD HOT BALLET Gala in 2017.

Thursday March 21, 2019
Recommended grades:  9 to 12

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The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow

A frothy blend of whimsical comedy, romance and the delights of the Parisian Belle Époque in all its effervescent splendor, The Merry Widow is popular ballet at its finest. Based on the 1905 operetta of the same name by Franz Lehár, The Merry Widow sets out to entertain and amuse at every step and never puts a foot wrong.

The story imagines a fictional Balkan principality, Pontevedro, which is on the brink of economic disaster. In an effort to prevent certain ruin, a charming but raffish Pontevedrian aristocrat, Count Danilo, is persuaded to woo and marry a rich and sophisticated widow, Hanna Glawari, before she can marry a foreigner. Amid the inevitable plot complications and madcap misunderstandings, we learn that Danilo and Hanna had been childhood sweethearts, before Danilo abandoned Hanna, who was then an innocent peasant girl.

Playful and insouciant, comically buoyant and a perennial crowd-pleaser, The Merry Widow was premiered by The Australian Ballet in 1975 and entered the repertoire of The National Ballet of Canada in 1986.

Thursday June 20, 2019
Recommended grades:  9 to 12

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