In Studio


“DanceFit barre class is the perfect combination of ballet elements and fitness all in one. The music is upbeat and energetic, just like the instructor Kate. She keeps the class going at a pace that keeps the heart pumping while also working all the muscle groups in an almost graceful "ballet" fashion. I always leave class feeling stretched and relaxed. To me the class feels like a great warm up for my dance classes throughout the rest of the week. Fit for all ages, body types and skill levels, DanceFit Barre is a great full body workout for dancers and lovers of dance alike.” —Amanda

“Dancefit cardio offers great choreography that targets different areas of your body. It's a good cardio workout that is easy to follow but also makes you sweat!” —Kate

“I was absolutely thrilled to hear I could join recreational adult ballet classes! Tatiana is not only encouraging as an instructor but motivated to provide a unique and challenging experience for each individual dancer. These classes not only provide a form of exercise and stress relief but have also reignited my love for dance. I can’t wait to get back In Studio tonight!” —Alexis

“With no previous dance or pilates experience, I was admittedly a little hesitant to try the In Studio pilates class. I had nothing to worry about! The teacher, Kate Kernaghan, is exceptional. In a class with a wide range of abilities, I feel like the class is tailored for me. Kate is challenging and encouraging. Her clear explanations and gentle reminders keep us focused on the importance of breathing and body awareness. After just a few weeks, I am stronger, my posture has improved, and I am finding muscles I never knew I had! This class is, by far, the best exercise class I have ever taken. ” —Julie

“In Studio has provided me with the most enjoyable programme for a beginner adult ballet dancer. Each class is taught by leaders in the Canadian dance and ballet industry and by some of the most accomplished dancers of The National Ballet of Canada. All ballet classes are enchanted by a live pianist and provide an enjoyable experience for all levels and ages of dance.” —Curtis


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Top image credit: Kate Kernaghan and Artists of the Ballet. Photo by Karolina Kuras.