YOU dance

YOU dance

Live Stream Testimonials

"I was very excited to be able to offer my students from a rural Canadian town, who rarely if ever, make it to Toronto, the opportunity to see live dance."

"The performance was well delivered by livestream. I felt like I was almost there in the audience."

"Through the use of technology, this opportunity gives students a chance to connect with professionals, experience live performance and learn about the behind the scenes work that goes into such elaborate performances."

"I teach Arts at our school and thought it would be good exposure for them. Cheap way for them to see a performance."

"Most of my students had never seen ballet before this performance. A few have taken dance classes. No one had been to a live performance. This was an eye-opening Cultural exposure that they would never have had."

"Exposure to another art form and performance. Something to use as basis for discussion. They were excited to see Patrick from our town of Bradford."

"I was unsure how my class would receive the performance but the structure was great. The brief introductions gave them some context. Having multiple pieces of different styles was really helpful too, so that they could see that ballet can be interpreted in many different ways. It was neat to see how at the end they were talking about which performance they liked best and why."

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