Gala Repertoire and Casting

MAD HOT BALLET: DISCO will showcase the National Ballet's talented artists through a programme of specially selected short works, including a world premiere. 

Repertoire and Casting

Excerpt from In Between
Choreography by Alysa Pires
Performed by Christopher Gerty, Spencer Hack, Emma Hawes, Alexandra MacDonald

World Premiere
Choreography by Josh Beamish
Costume Design by Jason Wu
Performed by Harrison James and Jillian Vanstone

Por Ti
Choreography by Luis Martin Oya
Performed by Sonia Rodriguez and Piotr Stanczyk

Sospiri duet
Choreography by Juliano Nunes
Performed by Svetlana Lunkina and Evan McKie

Paz de la Jolla
Choreography by Justin Peck
Performed by Hannah Fischer, Harrison James, Chelsy Meiss

Skylar Campbell, Jordana Daumec, Giorgio Galli, Jeannine Haller, Kathryn Hosier, Soo Ah Kang, Miyoko Koyasu, Alexandra MacDonald, Jaclyn Oakley, FĂ©lix Paquet, Meghan Pugh, Ben Rudisin, Calley Skalnik, Dylan Tedaldi, Chae Eun Yang

Please note: Repertoire, order and casting are subject to change.

Lollapalooza and Costume Design by Jason Wu are generously funded by Suzanne Rogers and Rogers Communications Inc.


In Between by Alysa Pires was developed during the National Ballet’s Choreographic Workshop, which was made possible by the generous support of Lucille Joseph & Urban Joseph, O.C and The Delaney Family Foundation.