Video: Return to the Studio





Big news! The dancers have returned to the studio for the first time since the start of the pandemic. This is a huge milestone for the company and a positive step in the right direction. During the lockdown, our dancers have had to be creative, training in their kitchens and living rooms. This return to the studio, made possible by many safety protocols in accordance with Public Health guidelines, means the dancers are once again able to train fully.  Limited rehearsals have also begun in preparation for the soon to be announced virtual season! Learn more about what we’re doing to keep our dancers safe in the studio: 

  • Dancers and staff pre-screened before leaving their homes
  • Temperature checks and fitness questionnaire upon arrival
  • Socially distanced classes with max. four dancers per studio
  • Limited rehearsals of solos and pas de deux only with dancers living together
  • Each dancer trains in their own quadrant with their own barre
  • Studios cleaned and sanitized between classes and rehearsals
  • Face masks required in all common areas and may be temporarily removed to participate in class or rehearsal
  • Athletic therapist available onsite
  • Dancers depart immediately after completing class or rehearsal