Alexandra MacDonald

First Soloist

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Quick Facts

Born: Calgary, Alberta
Trained: International School of Ballet in Calgary, Alberta and Boston Ballet School’s Trainee Program in Massachusetts
Joined: 2007
First Soloist since: 2016

Alexandra MacDonald is sponsored through Dancers First by an anonymous donor.


Five Things to Know

  1. 1Alexandra enjoys all manners of crafts! She also loves to read and is always looking for a good book recommendation. 
  2. 2She shares the same birthday as her son, Gus.
  3. 3She is slightly superstitious about which pointe shoe to put on first before a show (left before right).
  4. 4Her repertoire of classical roles includes Princess Aurora in The Sleeping Beauty, Snow Queen in The Nutcracker, Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis, in Giselle, Titania in The Dream and La Vaniteuse in Le Petit Prince.
  5. 5
  6. She performed an innovative and hilarious pas de deux in the company premiere of Alexander Ekman’s Cacti in 2016, one of many contemporary works in her repertoire.


Favourite Ballets

  1. 1Cacti
  2. 2Giselle
  3. 3Onegin
  4. 4Glass Pieces
  5. 5The Second Detail





The Nutcracker
“Snow Queen (Alexandra MacDonald)… Her pure classical lines and refined (but never too modest) port de bras seem to flow from the same source as her solidity, her high legs and powerful turns.”
— Globe and Mail

The Four Temperaments
“Alexandra MacDonald seemed to have been dropped onstage from New-York-City-Ballet heaven… not only technically impeccable, but also fiercely present and possessing a maturity that exceeds her years.”
— The Globe and Mail

The Sleeping Beauty
“Alexandra MacDonald was radiant as the Principal Fairy in the prologue and as the Diamond Lady in Act III… MacDonald has beautiful long lines and a buoyancy to her dancing that made her a pleasure to watch.”


David Tory Award (2018)

Patron Award of Merit (2010)

Finalist at the Youth America Grand Prix (2007)

Prix de Lausanne (2007)

The Royal Academy of Dance Solo Seal Award (2006)

Finalist in the Genée International Ballet Competition (2006)