Spencer Hack

First Soloist

Spencer Hack

Spencer Hack. Photo by Karolina Kuras.

  • Biography

    Spencer Hack was born in Toledo, Ohio and trained at Canada's National Ballet School. He joined The National Ballet of Canada as a RBC Apprentice in 2014 and was promoted to First Soloist in 2020.

    Most recently, Spencer created the role of Eurydice in the world premiere of Orpheus Alive. His repertoire also includes Uncle Nikolai in The Nutcracker, Bottom in The Dream, Allan Gray in A Streetcar Named Desire as well as roles as well as roles in Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, Giselle, Romeo and Juliet, Onegin, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, The Winter’s Tale, Nijinsky, Anna Karenina, The Merry Widow, Frame by Frame, Rubies, Chaconne, The Four Temperaments, Etudes, The Second Detail, Approximate Sonata 2016, Chroma, Genus, Angels’ Atlas, Emergence, Piano Concerto #1, Petite Mort, Cacti, Paz de la Jolla, Being and Nothingness, The Dreamers Ever Leave You and Self and Soul.

    Spencer was awarded the Patron Award of Merit in 2017.

  • Q&A

    When did you first get involved in dance?
    As a child, I always had a lot of energy and was always moving. I was always interested in artistic ventures, so although I tried soccer and hockey, dance was more appealing to me. I started in a ballet class right away. When I was six, I danced in the school’s production of The Nutcracker as a party boy in the family scene and getting to dance on the stage with the orchestra, lights and an audience was so exciting.

    When did you start to think of dance as a professional career?
    My first teacher trained at the Royal Ballet School and danced with London Festival Ballet, so I always knew that it was possible to dance professionally. He always had many stories about his performing and touring days.

    Were you exposed to a lot of ballet?
    I went to see the companies that would tour nearby. I recall a performance of Romeo and Juliet by American Ballet Theatre in Detroit. Otherwise, I looked up lots of ballet videos on YouTube, becoming aware of prominent companies and dancers.

    You started with The National Ballet of Canada as a member of the RBC Apprentice Programme. How was your experience?
    It was a wonderful year, but it was a definite adjustment to a full work load. Juggling our YOU dance rehearsals and performances with company life kept me grounded. I gained a lot of experience and confidence over the year. It was also an exciting season of productions, starting with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland at Lincoln Center in New York City, and continuing with Nijinsky and Manon.

    What do you appreciate the most about the National Ballet?
    Because the repertoire here is so varied, I get to tackle a lot of different challenges each year. This balance allows me to grow in different areas. I have been fortunate to dance Uncle Nikolai in The Nutcracker, which was a whirlwind of quick rehearsals and learning to deal with the heavy costume, the details and the props – I was so nervous about those oranges! Allan in A Streetcar Named Desire was the most dramatic role I’ve done so far. In both cases I loved having the chance to develop a character and find my own way of telling the story.

Quick Facts

Born: Toledo, Ohio
Trained: Canada's National Ballet School
Joined: 2014
First Soloist since: 2020