Alejandra Perez-Gomez

Principal Character Artist

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Quick Facts

Born: Toronto, Ontario
Trained: L’École superiéure de ballet du Québec in Montréal, Princess Grace Academy in Monaco and San Francisco Ballet School in California
Joined: 1998
Principal Character Artist since: 2013

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Five Things to Know

  1. 1Alejandra has been a Corps de Ballet member, Second Soloist and Principal Character Artist, giving her exposure to a wide range of roles. She recently began assisting the senior coaches teaching and rehearsing company dancers. 
  2. 2Currently, Alejandra is pursuing a degree in Psychology from Queen's University. 
  3. 3Alejandra has performed two different comic roles in James Kudelka’s Cinderella: the distracted, chain-smoking Stepmother and the social-climbing Stepsister.  
  5. 4Alejandra trained in Montréal and San Francisco. In addition to English, she speaks fluent French and Spanish.
  7. 5
  8. Alejandra’s repertoire includes several works by James Kudelka, including two of her favourite ballets, The Four Seasons and Désir.


Favourite Ballets

  1. 1The Four Seasons
  2. 2Nijinsky
  3. 3Emergence
  4. 4Romeo and Juliet 
  5. 5Désir





“Alejandra Perez-Gomez in her debut as the woozy, rubber-legged stepmom, brings fresh vitality to the role. She is a rare and gifted dancer-actress.”
—  National Post

The Sleeping Beauty
“As the wicked fairy Carabosse, Alejandra Perez-Gomez reveled in the role’s theatrical excesses… deliver[ing] her pantomime scenes with relish and an appropriately exaggerated dramatic intensity.”

Romeo and Juliet
“Alejandra Perez-Gomez adds depth to the role of Lady Capulet. She's not an easy character to like, but Perez-Gomez still makes you feel her anguish when she loses her nephew and daughter.”
— National Post