Spencer Hack

Principal Dancer

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Quick Facts

Born: Toledo, Ohio
Trained: Canada's National Ballet School
Joined: 2014
Principal Dancer since: 2023


Five Things to Know

  1. 1Spencer is a dog lover. He has a Labradoodle dog named Willa.
  2. 2He was born in Toledo, Ohio and started dance classes at the age of four. He made his stage debut at six years old in a school production of The Nutcracker, which is still one of his favourite ballets today.
  4. 3Spencer eventually moved to Toronto to train at Canada’s National Ballet School.
  5. 4In 2019, Spencer performed Dialogue Dances by Choreographic Associate Robert Binet at The Joyce Theater Ballet Festival in New York City alongside dancers from London’s Royal Ballet.
  7. 5
  8. He created the lead role of Eurydice in the 2019 world premiere of Robert Binet’s Orpheus Alive, a contemporary telling of the tragic Greek myth.


Favourite Ballets

  1. 1The Nutcracker
  2. 2Angels’ Atlas
  3. 3The Dreamers Ever Leave You
  4. 4Nijinsky
  5. 5Approximate Sonata





Swan Lake
“Spencer Hack’s Rothbart was dramatic throughout, his face frequently still and immobile, his eyes speaking volumes.” 
— The Hamilton Spectator


Patron Award of Merit (2017)