Pinocchio Synopsis

by Alasdair Middleton

Act One

In the forest a tree has been chopped down.
Geppetto and his fellow Lumberjacks are unable to cut it until a Blue Fairy hands Geppetto a magic axe. The tree is split and a little wooden boy – Pinocchio - is revealed. The Lumberjacks are alarmed. The Blue Fairy entrusts the wooden boy to Geppetto’s care, telling Pinocchio that if he tries to be good, one day he might become a real boy.

A Schoolmistress is leading her pupils to class.
Geppetto is eager for Pinocchio to learn. The Schoolmistress is doubtful – and Pinocchio has no book. The Blue Fairy magics one up. Pinocchio sets off to school. A Puppet Show arrives in town. Instead of going to school Pinocchio is distracted by the puppet show. He swaps his schoolbook for a ticket. The book flies away. At the Puppet Show Pinocchio causes a sensation. The Puppet Master rewards him with five gold coins.

A Cat and a Fox have noticed all this.
They befriend Pinocchio and take him to the Lobster Bar. Lumberjacks and some illegal animals are enjoying a drink. Geppetto is desperately trying to find Pinocchio. The Cat and the Fox make sure he does not. When a Mountie enters the bar everybody scatters – leaving Pinocchio to pay the bill.

Pinocchio is lost in Assassin’s Wood.
He ignores advice and warnings. The Cat and the Fox disguised as assassins attempt to rob him but are driven off by Magic Blue Birds.

Some Rabbits take Pinocchio to the Blue Fairy’s house.
The Blue Fairy and Pinocchio are re-united but Pinocchio tells a lie. His nose grows.

When Pinocchio promises to be truthful Magic Blue Birds peck it back to size. The Blue Fairy magically shows Pinocchio how Geppetto is searching for him everywhere. Pinocchio asks to go and find him. The Blue Fairy allows him on the condition he does not wander from the path.

In the Forest Pinocchio meets the Cat and the Fox.
They lure him from the path, telling him he could be rich if he plants his money in the Field of Miracles where it will grow in to a Money Tree. Pinocchio follows their advice and falls asleep, dreaming of wealth. The Cat and the Fox dig up the money and run away.

Pinocchio wakes up.
There is no Money Tree and no money. The Blue Fairy urges Pinocchio to hurry to the seashore where Geppetto is setting out in a boat to look for him. A storm is brewing. Geppetto’s boat capsizes and Pinocchio leaps into the sea to save him but they cannot quite reach one another.

Act Two

Washed up on the shore Pinocchio resolves to try harder.
He goes back to school but soon he and his fellow pupils are lured off to a place called Funland where no work is ever done. While having lots of fun Pinocchio and his fellow pupils are transformed into donkeys and are auctioned off to businessmen to toil on farms and in factories forever. With the help of some balloons Pinocchio manages to escape from Funland but tumbles into the sea where fish nibble off his donkey skin.

Pinocchio is swallowed by a whale.
Inside the whale Pinocchio is reunited with Geppetto. And some other characters he has met on his travels.

Pinocchio has a brilliant idea!
He gets everybody to help him build a raft from the various things that the whale has swallowed. They sail on the raft out of the whale and head home. Safe on dry land everybody is pleased to see Pinocchio and Geppetto. The Blue fairy arrives and casts a spell.

Pinocchio becomes a real boy.

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