New Work
by Guillaume Côté

New Work
by Guillaume Côté


Principal Dancer and Choreographic Associate Guillaume Côté continues his longstanding investigation of physicality, music and film in a new work that takes on the concept of Gestalt, the idea that we perceive the world in terms of organized “wholes” or patterns informed by smaller interactions we do not process individually. The piece unfolds within a complex yet experiential soundscape by Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame.

Five Things to Know
  1. 1The concept of Gestalt can be traced to early 20th century Austria and Germany and specifically to the work of Max Wertheimer, Wolfgang Köhler and Kurt Koffka. As a theory, Gestalt holds that the sum of things is greater than its parts.
  2. 2Guillaume’s new work is created for a large group of dancers – three “pods” or socially-distanced groups that permit multiple interactions, patterns and movement dynamics.
  3. 3A long-time fan of Thom Yorke, Guillaume has not choreographed to his music until now. He says, “Somehow, during this global pandemic, the timing feels right. Thom’s music resonates with me. It’s dynamic and rhythmical and I can’t help but believe that its atmospheric quality will take my work in a new direction.”
  4. 4Guillaume is also co-founder of Anymotion Productions, a company that works to blend dance and different art forms. Currently he's working on an immersive show for the Lighthouse Immersive and has made numerous works for film, television and the web.
  5. 5His most recent work for the company was Lulu, created for his wife and fellow Principal Dancer Heather Ogden in collaboration with Canadian filmmaker Ben Shirinian. Lulu won Best International Short Film at the 2020 Milan International Film Festival Awards.
Guillaume Côté

Guillaume Côté with Artists of the Ballet in rehearsal. Photo by Aleksandar Antonijevic.

The Choreographer

Guillaume Côté joined The National Ballet of Canada in 1998. He became a Principal Dancer in 2004 and was appointed Choreographic Associate in 2013. His choreographic works include Frame by Frame, Being and Nothingness and Le Petit Prince, his first full-length ballet. Guillaume is also Artistic Director of the Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur.

The Composer

Thom Yorke is an English musician best known as the vocalist and songwriter for the alternative rock band Radiohead. His debut solo album The Eraser was nominated for the 2006 Mercury Music Prize and the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Album in 2007. Anima, his third solo album, was released to critical acclaim in 2019.


Guillaume Côté

Thom Yorke

The National Ballet of Canada Wardrobe Department

Lighting Designer:
The National Ballet of Canada Production Department, Jeff Logue

Guillaume Côté is sponsored through Dancers First by Emmanuelle Gattuso, C.M. and Allan Slaight, C.M.

World Premiere: The National Ballet of Canada, Toronto, ON

Lead philanthropic support for Spotlight Series is provided by The Walter Carsen New Creations Fund, with additional support from the Producers' Circle.

The Producers’ Circle: Gail & Mark Appel, John & Claudine Bailey, Inger Bartlett & Marshal Stearns, Laura Dinner & Richard Rooney, Gail Drummond & Bob Dorrance, The Thor E. and Nicole Eaton Family Charitable Foundation, Sandra Faire & Ivan Fecan, Kevin Garland & Roger Garland, C.M., Ira Gluskin & Maxine Granovsky Gluskin, The William & Nona Heaslip Foundation, Anna McCowan Johnson & Donald K. Johnson, O.C., Judy Korthals & Peter Irwin, Mona & Harvey Levenstein, Jerry & Joan Lozinski, The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain, C.C., Julie Medland, Sandra Pitblado & Jim Pitblado, C.M., The Harry & Lillian Seymour Family Foundation, Gerald Sheff & Shanitha Kachan and The Jack Weinbaum Family Foundation.

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