The National Ballet of Canada Orchestra

Music Director and Principal Conductor David Briskin

The National Ballet of Canada is privileged to have its own full Orchestra with over 60 members. The Orchestra has performed in each of the National Ballet’s seasons and is led by Music Director and Principal Conductor David Briskin. The company’s first Music Director was George Crum who, along with Founder Celia Franca, was a pioneer of the company. Crum held the position from the company’s inception in 1951 to 1984, when he was appointed Music Director Emeritus. The Orchestra was led by Ermanno Florio from 1985 to 1990. Ormsby Wilkins was Music Director and Principal Conductor from 1990 to 2006. The National Ballet of Canada Orchestra has toured extensively with the company through Canada, the US and Europe. Over the years, the Orchestra has received much acclaim from audiences and critics alike and has recorded two CDs of Michael Torke’s compositions for The Contract (The Pied Piper) and An Italian Straw Hat. The Orchestra made their concert debut at Koerner Hall on April 3, 2012, in celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary.


Violin 1
Aaron Schwebel, Concertmaster
Lynn Kuo, Assistant Concertmaster
Jennie Baccante*
Bethany Bergman+
Sheldon Grabke
Hiroko Kagawa+
Nancy Kershaw
Csaba Koczó
Dominique Laplante
Yakov Lerner
Wendy Rogers
Aya Miyagawa
Paul Zevenhuizen

Violin 2
Jamie Kruspe, Acting Principal Second Violin
Aya Miyagawa, Acting Assistant Principal 2nd Violin
James Aylesworth
Terri Croft+
Xiao Grabke
Sonia Klimasko-Leheniuk
Jayne Maddison
Emilie Pare
Jung Tsai+
Joanna Zabrowarna

Shelia Jaffe, Principal
Josh Greenlaw, Assistant Principal
Emily Eng
Valerie Kuinka
Johann Lotter
Angela Rudden

Maurizio Baccante, Principal
Marianne Pack, Assistant Principal
Olga Laktionova
Elaine Thompson
Andrew McIntosh
Paul Widner

Tony Flynt, Principal
Robert Speer, Acting Assistant Principal
Jonathan Yeoh, Assistant Principal*
Talia Hatcher+
Samuel-San Vachon

Leslie J. Allt, Principal 
Shelley Brown, Piccolo
Maria Pelletier

Mark Rogers, Principal
Karen Rotenberg
Lesley Young, English Horn

Max Christie, Principal
Gary Kidd, Contra Bass Clarinet
Emily Marlow, Bass Clarinet

Chia-Yu Hsu, Principal
Thomas Roy-Rochette

Jessie Brooks, Principal 
Carlie Bigelow
Christine Passmore+
Courtney Prizrenac+
Gary Pattison
Scott Wevers

Richard Sandals, Principal
Brendan Cassin+
Mark Dharmaratnam

David Pell, Principal
David Archer
Isabelle Lavoie, Bass Trombone+

Sasha Johnson, Principal

Lori Gemmell, Acting Principal+

Andrew Rasmus, Principal

Kristofer Maddigan, Principal
Mark Mazur
Steven Wassmansdorf 

Music Librarian
Peter Eratostene

Orchestra Personnel Manager and Music Administrator
Raymond Tizzard

† The Principal Flute position is endowed by The Herridge Family Fund.
△ The Principal Bassoon Position is endowed by The Herridge Family Fund.
*On Leave of Absence
+ Additional Musician