The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project


Noel Middleton

Designed and built by Noel Middleton on behalf of Narwhal Art Projects. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.

The Lemkos Tutu is derived from characteristics founded in 14th century chapel construction by settlers in the Carpathian Mountains. Inspired by early Slavic churches which embraced the interrelation of the surrounding environment as centres for worship, this tutu is constructed entirely from locally reclaimed and collected wood. The Lemkos Tutu alludes to the reclamation of repudiated traditions.

Noel Middleton is a multi-disciplinary artist who works in sculpture, installation, photography and video. Middleton carefully accumulates found natural materials to create work that explores aspects of reclusion and fantasy. His work plays with the visual tropes of fairy tales and fantasy, presenting familiar characters, figures and forms that stem from these vocabularies.

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Top image credit: The National Ballet of Canada tutus on display. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.