The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project



Designed and built by Comrags, selected by The Fashion Design Council of Canada. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.

The Comrags Tutu incorporates elements from nature to evoke shared qualities of movement within the Canadian landscape and The National Ballet of Canada. Oak and maple leaves imply strong roots, growth and longevity; sparkles suggest magic, whimsy and the onset of the Canadian winter; and feathers are indicative of flight.

Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish are the creative team behind Comrags, one of Canada’s most recognizable fashion labels. Graduates of the Fashion Design program at Ryerson University, Gunhouse and Cornish were quick to forge a collaboration based on their shared design sensibility and strong work ethic. Now in its 28th year of business, Comrags creates clothing for self-confident, modern women who favour “prettiness with an edge.”

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Top image credit: The National Ballet of Canada tutus on display. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.