The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project


Krista Dowson

Designed and built by Krista Dowson, Corps de Ballet Member of The National Ballet of Canada. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.

Krista Dowson designed this piece for the little girl who dances before she can walk, who counts beauty by the number of rhinestones she wears and understands that make believe requires a costume. For the serious school girl who understands, so early, what it is to work hard. For the young woman who realizes that ballet is the pursuit of perfection, even if “perfect” doesn’t exist. For the seasoned ballerina who looks around and understands what she has and who she gets to be. And finally, for the retired ballerina who inspired generations and remembers when she was a little girl, dancing for the sheer joy of it.

Dowson was a member of The National Ballet of Canada’s Corps de Ballet from 2002-2014 and launched her own line of luxury leotards in 2012. She dedicates her design to the girls who dream about ballet and don’t stop just because they have grown up.

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Top image credit: The National Ballet of Canada tutus on display. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.