The Tutu Project

The Tutu Project



Designed and built by Lululemon Lead Designer Antonia Iamartino with contributions from Lauren Powell and Shirley Iamartino. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.

Inspired by the ballet Swan Lake, this tutu combines function and form by accentuating the classical aesthetic with the use of Lululemon stretch fabric and technical construction to create a high-performance garment.

The corset is made of lightweight stretch fabric and the seams have been constructed using naked seam technology: a bonded thread-free seam that leaves the wearer free from irritation. The use of lace ties the tutu back to the femininity of the ballet while the feathers represent the lightness and fluidity of the ballerina and the swan she is characterizing. This tutu combines a classic tutu with the technical and functional beauty of Lululemon. The result is a tutu that elevates the dancer’s performance by keeping her comfortable and light for the duration of this intensely demanding ballet.

Born and bred in Vancouver, British Columbia, Lululemon Athletica is a company committed to developing leaders in the world and creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives (in black stretchy pants).

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Top image credit: The National Ballet of Canada tutus on display. Photo by Setareh Sarmadi.