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"With my pointe shoes I truly become the ballerina that I can be."
First Soloist Chelsy Meiss

Pointe Shoe Fund: Chelsy

Pointe shoes are an iconic part of ballet – their use defines and extends the vocabulary of classical dance. The National Ballet of Canada's Pointe Shoe Fund is an initiative to ensure the dancers have the footwear to dance the incredible performances that you love. 

Every year, the National Ballet needs up to 3,000 pairs of pointe shoes so that the dancers have the proper footwear to take class, rehearse and perform for audiences. That’s a lot of shoes! Plus, each pair is unique because they are custom-made by hand to the specifications of a dancer's foot.

A donation to this important fund translates directly into the pointe shoes that are essential to the dancers and our artform. You will see the impact of your generosity onstage in every performance.

Your gift of $125  – the cost of one pair of custom, hand-made pointe shoes – will keep National Ballet dancers on their toes. 

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As a donor to the Pointe Shoe Fund, you will receive a Friends' Corps membership. Your membership provides you with behind the scenes access – bringing you closer to the company and the dancers you love.

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Pointe Shoe Fund: Tene

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