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In Studio provides dance and fitness classes seven days a week, with highly experienced instructors, right in The National Ballet studios. We offer Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Pilates, Yoga, and more. Whether you’re an absolute beginner student, or have been dancing for years, we have a class for you. Our studios are located at The Walter Carsen Centre for The National Ballet of Canada, 470 Queens Quay West.

The Walter Carsen Centre is a fully vaccinated environment and all In Studio students are strongly recommended to hold a valid vaccination status. For everyone's continued safety, please stay home if you are feeling unwell or showing any signs of COVID-19.

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Winter Workshops

Saturday Absolute Beginner Ballet with Tomoe Yamasaki
Begins Saturday, January 6, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

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Saturday Zoom Absolute Beginner Ballet with T.J Milne
Begins Saturday, January 13, 11:30 am – 12:45 pm

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Monday Absolute Beginner Ballet with Candice Helm

Begins Monday, January 8, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

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Wednesday Introduction to Pointe with Sarahi Cardenas

Begins Wednesday, January 10, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

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Thursday Absolute Beginner Ballet with Tomoe Yamasaki

Begins Thursday, January 11, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

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NEW! Pointe
Our 30 minute pointe classes will help you develop strength, articulation of the ankles and feet and grace while working in your pointe shoes. This class is recommended for participants with at least 1 year of training on pointe. Exercises facing the barre, sideways to the barre and in the centre, will be taught. Participants may take this class only after attending a full ballet class.

Pilates – Yoga - Breath
Offered both in person and over Zoom, this class will combine strengthening Pilates movements, opening Yoga poses and calming breathwork techniques for an invigorating and centering experience. Breathwork helps improve vitality, lung capacity, and overall well being. You’ll leave this class feeling energized and focused. All levels are welcome!

Ballet and Pointe Class
Focus on building strength and technique in this basic level ballet class that will blend ballet technique in soft shoes, and exercises on pointe in the last half hour of class. Students are encouraged to have at least 2 - 3 years of ballet and at least 6 months of pointe experience to participate. This is not an introduction to pointe level.

Contemporary Ballet
This class incorporates elements of both classical ballet and modern dance. Contemporary ballet has roots in the classical technique and vocabulary, but uses those roots as a place to explore, and experiment. A live percussionist brings life and energy to the class. A minimum of two to three years of dance experience is recommended for this class.

Classical Ballet
Learn from the finest teachers to develop grace, elegance and precision. Ballet is a beautiful art form based on formalized movements and positions of the arms, feet, and body. Learning the art of ballet develops agility, control, speed, lightness, and grace.

Drawing on both classical ballet and modern dance, this class explores total body movement, use of breath and weight and changes in rhythm, speed and direction. Classes begin with a strengthening barre warm up, followed by centre work including jumps and travelling sequences.

Mat Pilates
Strengthen and tone your entire body, focusing on the core, with essential mat exercises. Dynamic and flowing movements help increase flexibility and joint mobility, enhance stability as well as improve body awareness. No previous dance experience necessary.

Full Body Barre
A full body workout like no other. This online barre class combines barre exercises to strengthen and lengthen the lower body, with light weights and floor exercises to build strength in the upper body and core. No previous dance experience necessary.

Please note, we do recommend signing up ahead of time, but we do provide in person payments. Debit and Credit Card only. We do not accept cash.

The studios are required to be cleared 10 minutes after the end of your class. Please do not linger after class.


For more information, please call us at 416 345 9595 or email us at