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Keep moving with us in the comfort of your home! We want to stay connected and keep dancing with you through our virtual dance classes using the free virtual platform, Zoom. Classes include Ballet, Pilates, Barre fitness and more.  Learn from In Studio Director, Kate Kernaghan, our experienced In Studio instructors as well as guest artists of the National Ballet. Classes are available for all levels and beginners are welcome. 

How To Sign Up for an Online Class

  1. 1Sign up for a class by going to the link below. 
  2. 2Make your payment by credit card and register for your desired class or classes. Please check you have reserved the correct class after making your purchase.
  3. 3Ensure you have a valid email address linked to your account, and make sure you have OPTED IN to receive reminder emails.
  4. 4Download Zoom to the device you will be streaming the class on. Make sure you can also receive your emails to this same device.
  5. 5You will receive an email once you have reserved your class with a Zoom link for your class.
  6. 6Click the link a few minutes before your class starts. Turn your camera on if you want to receive feedback from your instructor.

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Tips for Success

  • Make sure you have signed up for the correct class
  • The Zoom link will be in the class reservation email reminder
  • If you are not receiving reservation reminders from MINDBODY please ensure have a valid email address linked to your account, and make sure you have OPTED IN to receive reminder emails.
  • Make sure your electronic device is connected to the internet and has Zoom downloaded
  • Fill up your water bottle and clear some space for yourself
  • For all barre classes, make sure you have a chair or table to hold onto
  • If you want corrections, turn your camera on and position your electronic device far enough away from you for the instructor to see your full body
  • Join the class by clicking the Zoom invite and enjoy!

Online Zoom Classes Include

Absolute Beginner Ballet Workshop
Learn the absolute basics of classical ballet with our experienced faculty in this online workshop. Suitable for absolute beginners looking to learn the fundamentals of classical ballet and progress over the 12 or 13 week session.

Power Yoga
This Power Yoga Flow is for everyBODY. The 60 minute flow will take you through several vinyasas and asanas to build heat, balance, strength, flexibility and POWER. Adaptations are always welcome. Grab a mat, a block, a strap, and get ready to feel empowered. All levels welcome!

Open Movement
Open to all levels and all bodies that want to experience dancing and movement from their head to their toes. This online movement class will provide you the opportunity to experience movement in your own way and feel free to express yourself in a welcoming, non-competitive environment.

Essentrics is a dynamic workout that draws on the flowing movements of tai chi, the strengthening theories of ballet and the healing principles of physiotherapy. This class will simultaneously lengthen and strengthen every muscle in the body, resulting in greater joint mobility and long, lean muscles and leave you feeling balanced and strong!

Master Classes and Parties
Master Classes and parties provide groups a creative and fun way to get active virtually. Perfect for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, bridal showers and more, your group will learn from our experienced and talented In Studio faculty or even National Ballet dancers. Whether absolute beginner or advanced level, we will customize a special virtual class that meets your needs.

Absolute Beginner Ballet Barre
Learn the absolute basics of classical ballet in this online ballet class. Suitable for absolute beginners or participants looking to brush on very basic technique.

Beginner Level I Ballet Barre
Develop strength, grace and musicality in this online ballet class for beginners. This level is designed for participants with six months to one year of ballet experience.

Beginner Level II Ballet Barre
This level is geared towards participants with a minimum of one year of ballet experience.

Elementary Ballet Barre
This level is designed for participants with a minimum of two years of ballet experience.

Intermediate Ballet Barre
This level is geared towards participants with a minimum of three years of consistent ballet training.

Advanced Ballet Barre
This level is designed for participants with a minimum of five years of consistent ballet training.

Studio 55+ Beginner Ballet
Designed for participants ages 55 and over, this online dance class will provide a safe, welcoming and uplifting environment to learn safe and gentle ballet exercises.

Mat Pilates
Strengthen and tone your entire body, focusing on the core, with essential mat exercises. Dynamic and flowing movements help increase flexibility and joint mobility, enhance stability as well as improve body awareness. No previous dance experience necessary.

Full Body Barre Blast
A full body workout like no other. This online barre class combines barre exercises to strengthen and lengthen the lower body, with light weights and floor exercises to build strength in the upper body and core. No previous dance experience necessary.

Open Up, Stretch, Relax
Open up, stretch out tired and tight muscles and feel an immense sense of release through your entire body. This class will combine yoga, pilates and conventional fitness stretches to open up every inch of your body. A perfect class to do after a ballet class or on its own to feel more relaxed.

Beginner/Elementary Pointe
Safely develop your pointe work from home with our skilled and caring teachers. Participants will develop stability and strength in ankles, feet and lower legs. Participants must attend a ballet class beforehand.

Foot and Ankle Strength for Pointe Work
Strengthen the lower legs and build stability to prepare for or enhance your pointe work. Strengthening work will be done with a theraband and will also include standing stability work. Ideal for the dance student that is preparing to start pointe work, wants to rehabilitate from an ankle or foot injury, or wants to simply improve their pointe work.

Children’s Beginner/Elementary Contemporary
This virtual class for dance students ages 8 to 12 years old explores total body movement, use of breath and weight and changes in rhythm, speed and direction. Skill and self-confidence are developed in a gracious, fun and open environment.

Children’s Beginner/Elementary Ballet
Young students will develop grace, elegance and precision. This class focuses on strength, musicality, posture awareness and flexibility in a fun and open environment. Dance students ages 8 to 12 years old are welcome in this online ballet class for children.


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