Artistic Director
Karen Kain, C.C., LL.D., D.Litt., O.Ont.

Executive Director
Barry Hughson

Music Director and
Principal Conductor
David Briskin


Associate Artistic Director
Christopher Stowell

Artistic Administrator
Gerard Roxburgh

Principal Artistic Coach
Magdalena Popa

Artistic Director,
YOU dance/Principal Ballet Master
Lindsay Fischer

Rex Harrington, O.C.

Senior Ballet Master
Peter Ottmann

Choreographic Associates
Robert Binet
Guillaume Côté

Alysa Pires

Pointe Shoe Manager/
Assistant Ballet Mistress
Stephanie Hutchison

Executive Assistant to the Artistic Director/Administrative Manager
Jennifer Bennett Darbyshire

Manager, Artistic Scheduling
Sophie Letendre

Associate, Artistic Administration
Sarita Dotan

Associate, Artistic Scheduling
Andreea O

  1. Guest Répétiteurs
  2. Chaconne
  3. Suzanne Farrell
  4. Etudes
  5. Thomas Lund
  6. Piano Concerto #1
  7. Felipe Diaz
  8. Petite Mort
  9. Roslyn Anderson
  10. The Nutcracker
  11. Mandy-Jayne Richardson
  12. The Sleeping Beauty
  13. Mandy-Jayne Richardson
  14. Marguerite and Armand
  15. Grant Coyle
  16. Chroma
  17. Antoine Vereecken
  18. Romeo and Juliet
  19. Mandy-Jayne Richardson

Guest Rehearsal Assistants and Teachers
Jacquelin Barrett
Joanna Berman
Felipe Diaz
Giorgio Galli
Greta Hodgkinson
Stephanie Hutchison
Anne Mueller
Alejandra Perez-Gomez
Rebekah Rimsay
Piotr Stanczyk
Trinidad Vives
Xiao Nan Yu

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director
Alexis Patch

Board Secretary
Pamela Ouzounian

Audience and Donor Services
Associate Director, Audience and Donor Services
Veronica McLellan

Senior Operations Manager,
Audience and Donor Services
Tal Hebdon

Sales and Service Manager, Audience and Donor Services
Rebecca Hall

Development Relations Manager
Nicholas Melymuk

Assistant Operations Manager, Audience and Donor Services
Erin Rose Macleod

  1. Assistant Sales Operations Manager, Audience and Donor Services

Emily Gibson

Audience and Donor Services Operations Supervisor
Susie Eissler

Audience and Donor Services Relations Supervisor
Anne Meighan

Senior Representative, Audience and Donor Services
Patty Pedersen

Audience and Donor Services Representatives

Interim Director of Communications
Belinda Bale

Senior Manager, Communications
Catherine Chang

Manager, Marketing Operations
Devon Klaas

Publicity Manager
Victoria Schwarzl (on leave)

  1. Publicist
  2. Francine Labelle

Manager, Graphic Design
Carmen Wagner

Katherine Wilson

Senior Officer, Digital Communications
Ashley Haraburda

Senior Officer, Web and Digital Media 
Sean Leonard

  1. Publicity Coordinator

Kate Dresser

  1. Marketing Coordinator
  2. Zoe Favrin
  4. Communications Assistant
  5. Anastasia Kolotova
  7. Junior Graphic Designer
  8. Anna Lew

Dancer Wellness Programme

Director of Dancer Wellness
Marla Pichler

Company Sports Medicine Physician
Dr. Michael Clarfield

Company Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Darrell Ogilvie-Harris

Company Physician
(Family & Sports Medicine)
Dr. Julia Hamilton

Performance Psychologist
Dr. Doug Misener

Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist
Lesley Lustig 

Company Athletic Therapist
Paul Papoutsakis

Company Physiotherapist
Ginette Hamel

Company Massage Therapists
Brian Bastedo
Ron Mulesa

Resident Movement and Pilates Specialist
Je-an Salas

Urgent Care
Dr. Janice Weiss

Dr. Pat Colton

Naturopathic Doctor
Dr. Melissa Piercell

Consulting Physician
Dr. Julia Alleyne

Consulting Chiropractor
Dr. Cameron Borody

Consulting Foot Specialist/
Dr. Nicholas Durand, D.Pod.M.

Consulting Ophthamologist
Dr. Michael Easterbrook

Consulting Dental Surgeon
Dr. Lancelot Brown

The National Ballet of Canada is
grateful to the Sports Medicine Specialists (150 Eglinton Avenue
East, Toronto); the University
Health Network, 
Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine;
and the Medcan Clinic (150 York
Street, Toronto) for their continued support of the Dancer Health
and Wellness Programme; and to
those physicians who have
generously donated their time to
The National Ballet of Canada.


Director of Development
Diana Reitberger, CFRE

Associate Director, Major Gifts
Joanna Ivey

Senior Manager, Development Communications
John Hart

Senior Manager, Development Operations 
Leah Heidenheim 

Senior Manager, Special Gifts
Richard Lefebvre

Senior Manager, Individual Giving
Deanna Underwood 

Manager, Major Gifts
Marielle Bryck

Manager, Special Events and Corporate Partnerships
Rebecca Hodge

Senior Officer, Digital Philanthropy
Nima Naik

Officer, Writer
Caroline Dickie

  1. Officer, Special Events
  2. Alexandra Folkes

Officer, Major Gifts
Connie Guan

Officer, Assistant to the Director of Development
Amy McMullen

Officer, Research
Laurie Nemetz

Associate, Development Communications
Sayana Izmailova

  1. Associates, Individual Giving
  2. Joanne Kwok
  3. Marisa Ortega
  5. Associate, Special Events
    Kelsey Muldoon
  7. Associate, Corporate Partnerships
  8. Maddy Palmer
  10. Coordinator, Gift Management
  11. Lucy White
  13. Education and Community Engagement

  14. Manager, Education and Community Engagement
    Lisa Robinson
  16. Creative Producer, CreativAction
  17. Robert Binet

  18. Director, In Studio
  19. Kate Kernaghan
  21. Artist Educator
  22. Annemarie Cabri

  1. Coordinator, Education and Community Engagement
    Deanna Galati
  3. Finance
    Chief Financial Officer
    Amanda Ram

  4. Payroll and Benefits Manager
    Jenny Mah

    General Accountants
    Sandra Gandola, CB
    Ronan Finlay O'Donnell
    Demitrios Prevenas
    Shu Zhang, CPA, CGA




  1. Human Resources
    Associate Director, Human Resources
    Kathleen Matatya

HR Associate
Julian Whitaker

  1. Receptionists
  2. Hannah Crawford
  3. Ben Edelberg
  4. McKenzie Grey
  6. Information Technology
    Director of Technology

Christopher Sonnemann

Senior Manager, Web Technology Services
Steve Cunningham

Senior Manager, Software and Applications
Mohiuddin Faruqe

Manager of Technology
Andrew Anderson

Business Analyst
Bethany Bleile

Solutions Developer
Kruti Shah

SQL Developer
Srikanth Kamithkar

Systems Coordinator
Jeffrey Lo

Facilities Manager
Emil Mishriky 

Building Maintenance Supervisor
Henry Martins

Edward Connell
Andrei Streliaev
Zsanna Vaszilenko
Zhenya Vitort

Orchestra Personnel Manager
and Music Administrator
Raymond Tizzard


Interim Director of Production
Barney Bayliss

Associate Director
of Production
Yvette Drumgold

  1. Stage Managers
  2. Jeff Morris
  3. Liliane Stilwell

Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Lewandowski

YOU dance Stage Manager
Robert Pel

  1. Lighting Coordinator
  2. Jeff Logue

Production Workshop

Construction Supervisor
Sandy Middleton

Assistant Carpenter
Larry Pratt

Shop Technician
Chuck Theil

Scenery constructed at the National Ballet Workshop by members of I.A.T.S.E. Local 58.

Property Supervisor
John Miracle

Resident Scenic Artist
Kelly Palmer

Assistant Scenic Artist
Mark Reid

Properties constructed at the National Ballet Workshop by members of I.A.T.S.E. Local 828.


Wardrobe Supervisor
Stacy Dimitropoulos

  1. Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
  2. Cassandra Spence
  1. Wardrobe Coordinator
  2. Robyn Clarke
  4. Assistant Wardrobe Coordinator
  5. Lauren Pietrowski
  7. Resident Cutters

Christine Audet
Christopher Read

Assistant to Cutters
Susan Howse

Costume Rental Coordinator
Bianca Laudadio

Footwear Coordinator
Lacey Hammond Harrington

Lisa Novielli
Sheila Ramsay

Production Travelling Crew

Master Carpenter
Paul McNamara 

Head Electrician
Ashley Rose

Property Master
Michael Ellenton

Assistant Carpenter
Scott Clarke

Assistant Carpenter/Flyman
Geoff Kay

  1. Assistant Electricians
  2. William Fallon
  3. Cecilia Waszczuk

Wardrobe Head
Grant Heaps

Assistant Wardrobe Head
Carrie Cooley Barbour

Wig and Make-up Supervisor
Charles Seminerio

Footwear Assistant
Leslie Brown

Top image credit: Artists of the Ballet in rehearsal for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Photo by Aaron Vincent Elkaim.