How to Access Great Art at an Affordable Price
June 6, 2019
by Taylor Long

With the cost of living at an all-time high, being an under-30 in Toronto has never been more expensive. After budgeting for rent, groceries, utilities and other necessary expenses, it can be hard to justify splurging on a high-quality arts experience.

More and more, Generation Ys are prioritizing the making of social, experience-based memories and exploring the vibrant arts scene in Toronto definitely checks that box. Attending a live performance is an incredibly social experience – whether you bring a friend, a date or you go solo – the experience of sitting in a dark theatre sharing a communal artistic experience with 2,000 other people is irreplaceable.

As amazing as live peformances can be, there is no doubt that it can be expensive and at times even financially inaccessible, especially for younger audiences. That’s where programmes like The National Ballet of Canada’s DanceBreak are invaluable. 

DanceBreak eliminates the financial barriers associated with accessing extraordinary art by offering tickets at a reduced price. If you’re between the ages of 16 to 29, you can save more than 80% off the price of ballet tickets to the ballet, with tickets as low as $25. 

The National Ballet isn’t the only arts organization in the city getting on board with accessible pricing for this generation. Opera Under 30, at the Canadian Opera Company, the country’s largest producer of opera, offers $22 tickets to their performances for anyone under the age of 30. The company even provides an option to potentially upgrade your seat (based on availability) with $35 Opera Under 30 Plus tickets.

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s TSOUNDCHECK program has one of the best deals in town, with tickets as low as $16 for their performances if you’re under the age of 35. Additionally, Soulpepper Theatre’s STAGEPLAY program offers $20 theatre tickets to anyone under 30.

By offering these special pricing options for younger audiences, it’s clear that arts institutions are recognizing the importance of investing in their future audiences.

Instead of paying to see another film at the cinema or staying in to order UberEats and binge Netflix, try something new by treating yourself to a live performing arts experience for about the same cost.


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