In Memoriam

Maxine Goldberg

Photo of Maxine Goldberg

Maxine Goldberg, a member of The National Ballet of Canada's family, passed away peacefully on January 5, 2021.

Maxine played many roles within our National Ballet family - a forty-year member of the Volunteer Committee, a member of the Celia Franca Society and Patrons' Council, a subscriber, and her most cherished role, a champion for young emerging talent.

Maxine prided herself on having a ‘good eye’ for talent, and it gave her immense joy to watch graduating students from Canada's National Ballet School join The RBC Apprentice Programme and then climb the ranks of the company.

Maxine's enthusiasm for the Apprentices was palpable. Her most cherished moments were attending YOU dance performances at The Betty Oliphant Theatre and she attended as many performances as she could. In turn, the Apprentices recognized Maxine's warmth, kindness, and genuine concern, and they confided in her their personal challenges and successes.

During her working life, she was both a librarian and dance teacher.

Maxine recently established the Maxine Goldberg Fund for Apprentices in our Endowment Foundation so that her support of emerging artists would live on. What a beautiful legacy.

May her memory be a blessing.