YOU dance Relaxed Performance and Accessible Workshops

Relaxed Performance

YOU dance Relaxed Performances are designed to welcome the Disability Community into artistic spaces. Each Relaxed Performance is structured to ensure that students within the Neurodiverse Community feel safe and cared for.

During a Relaxed Performance, the choreography is unchanged. However, the sound levels are lower, the house lights are on at a dim setting, and audience members are welcome to move around the auditorium as needed. Participants receive a visual guide and fact sheet to help them prepare for the performance.



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Accessible Workshops
Accessible workshops are aimed at inviting children and youth within the Disability Community to explore movement as a means of communication and as an art form.

Taught by YOU dance teaching artists, these classes are carefully designed to work large and small motor skills. Students are engaged in a multi-sensory experience involving props, textures, voice, and sensitive live musical arrangements.

Each year, The National Ballet of Canada partners with organizations such as the Geneva Centre for Autism and Bloorview School Authority to deliver these workshops.

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Come Behind the Scenes
Donors are invited behind the scenes for more opportunities to see the dancers at work!

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