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Make Your Own Ballet 

Create a Character

  • Who is your character? How old are they? What is their personality like?
  • Select a role the character will play in the performance. Do they have a lead role or small role? Are they good or evil?
  • What does your character look like? Draw a picture of their face. Create “makeup” using coloured crayons to help create the character’s personality.
  • Beside your drawing, write descriptive words to bring your character to life.
  • Compare the character you have designed with your own personality. How do they differ? How are they similar? Think about how you would solve a problem compared to how your character would.

Create a Wig or Mask

  • Design a wig and/or mask for the character.
  • Choose colour(s) for them and explain why you chose the specific colours. What different materials would you use? (yarn, string, fabric, sparkles, etc.)
  • Describe how you would assemble the mask or wig.
  • Extensions: After you have designed the mask, create the mask using supplies from home.
  • Use the wig or mask to create mimes or short plays.

Create a Costume

  • What kind of movement will the character do? Should the costume be heavy and made of thick fabric or light and airy?
  • What colour should the costume be and what feeling do you want your character to portray?
  • Are extra items needed like a hat or cloak?
  • Labeling designs can be helpful for the designer and people who are looking at the picture. You can label all your designs to indicate colours, materials, etc.

Create a Prop or Set

  • This section could have many designs. You may decide that your character will need several props. Think about some popular characters today, such as Harry Potter. What are Harry’s props? Brainstorm about props your character would need. (e.g. broomstick, book of spells, wand).
  • Again, labeling designs provides important information for both the designer and the reader. Label your creations, including any colours, details, materials, etc.
  • Explain the use of your props or set. Do they symbolize something? How would they be used in a dramatic production?


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