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Jenna Savella was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and trained at Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy in Surrey, British Columbia and Canada’s National Ballet School. She joined The National Ballet of Canada as a RBC Apprentice in 2004 and was promoted to First Soloist in 2015.

“Jenna Savella is formidably intense as the "chosen virgin" who stands at the helm of this army, knocking her head back and forth in rebellion.”
The Globe and Mail

Recently, Jenna made her debut as Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis in Giselle and Eurydice in the world premiere of Orpheus Alive. She has also danced such roles as the Snow Queen in The Nutcracker, Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty, Bronislava in Nijinsky, Dolly in Anna Karenina, Autumn in The Four Seasons, The Wench and Italian and Spanish Princesses in Swan Lake, L’Allumeuse in Le Petit Prince and the female leads in The Man in Black and Paz de la Jolla. Jenna’s repertoire also includes roles in Romeo and Juliet, Cinderella, Onegin, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The Winter’s Tale, The Merry Widow, Don Quixote, An Italian Straw Hat, Manon, Frame by Frame, Pinocchio, A Streetcar Named Desire, Hamlet, Symphony in C, The Dream, Paquita, The Four Temperaments, Allegro Brillante, Russian Seasons, The Second Detail, Approximate Sonata 2016, Chroma, Emergence, Piano Concerto #1, Being and Nothingness, The Dreamers Ever Leave You and Self and Soul.

Jenna received the Rolex Dancers First Award in 2015, the David Tory Award in 2014 and the National Ballet’s Patron Award of Merit in 2007 and 2006. She was also the recipient of a British Columbia Arts Council Scholarship and the Vancouver Foundation Scholarship.

Jenna Savella is sponsored through Dancers First by Elvio and Marlene DelZotto.

Quick Facts

Born: Vancouver, British Columbia
Trained: DanceWest and Lavrova Classical Ballet Academy in Surrey, British Columbia and Canada’s National Ballet School
Joined: 2004
First Soloist since: 2015



“Jenna Savella lends immense depth of feeling to her portrayal of Nijinsky’s sister Bronislava.” 
— Toronto Star

The Four Seasons
“In Autumn, Jenna Savella was captivating and looked mature beyond her years. Her dancing was self-assured with an understated elegance.”