Jordana Daumec

First Soloist

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Quick Facts

Born: New York City, New York
Trained: Studio Maestro in New York City, New York and Canada’s National Ballet School
Joined: 2003
First Soloist since: 2015


Five Things to Know

  1. 1In 2020, with Black Lives Matter gaining momentum, Jordana initiated a series of group discussions around racial justice with her fellow dancers to encourage greater Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in dance, resulting in the creation of the Dancer Affinity Group.
  2. 2Jordana comes from an artistic, music-loving family. Her mother was a modern dancer and Jordana spent many hours in the studio with her after school, dancing along while the company rehearsed.
  3. 3In 2017, she received the My Entertainment World Award for Best Outstanding Ballet Performance for her role as Bronislava – Nijinsky’s sister – in John Neumeier’s Nijinsky.
  4. 4Her soloist roles include Lescaut’s Mistress in Manon, Princess Florine in The Sleeping Beauty, Italian Princess in Swan Lake, Bee in The Nutcracker, Spring in The Four Seasons and the Female Lead in Symphony #9, among others.
  5. 5Jordana appears in ballets throughout the classical and contemporary repertoires, such as Romeo and Juliet, Giselle, Onegin, The Four Temperaments, The Second Detail, Chroma, Angels’ Atlas, Cacti and Paz de la Jolla.


Favourite Ballets

  1. 1The Four Seasons
  2. 2The Second Detail
  3. 3Cacti
  4. 4Angels’ Atlas
  5. 5Glass Pieces





Swan Lake
“First soloist Jordana Daumec is always a generous performer, so naturally charismatic that even the small parts she plays come charged with exuberance. Her Wench was excellent, the complex, turned-in sequences buoyed by her playfulness and musicality.”
—  The Globe and Mail

The Sleeping Beauty
“Jordana Daumec delivered a knockout performance as Princess Florine.”
— National Post

“...As Myrtha’s seconds, called Moyna and Zulme, no less, Tina Pereira and Jordana Daumec, two of the most reliable classicists among the National’s women, join their queen in a showy display of technique and spite.”
— Ludwig Van


My Entertainment World Award for Best Outstanding Ballet Performance for her role as Bronislava in Nijinsky.